Download Recordings from Adobe Connect Pro

Thanks goes to Guillaume Privat on Adobe Learning Center (see references below for links):

(And a shout out to Matt Chambers for providing the links :D)

1) You need to ensure you are an account administrator of have full right on the recording.

2) Find the URL of the recording you want to extract.

3) Add /output/ at the end of the recording URL.

4) Save the zip file on your desktop

Example download link:

Open the zip, and verify contents. It should contain .flv and xml files. mainstream.flv is to playback all and the actual audio/video content is denoted by filenames with underscores.

The alternative is offline recording, which results in a couple flat .flv’s, but in this format, once downloaded… the fun begins.

Both richflv and Moyea seem to have trouble with the Sorenson Sparks / On2 VP6 / Nellymoser / Speex codec mishmash Adobe mashed up with their flv “pods” and XML.. “keyframes” (cue points) spot the video in random intervals, and cause issues with edited output playback and seek/fast forward/rewind.

Good luck. 😉

Recordings Deep Dive part 1 and 2,,
Moyea FLV Editor (PRO),
Sorenson (Sparks),
On2 VP6,

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  1. Hi,
    I’ve just found your post and it make me feel less alone.

    The Adobe’s option to convert the recording to FLV doesn’t work properly for me.
    Do you know if there are any way to create a single FLV file from the zip files, similar to the Adobe’s? (But without sync problems and loss of information…)


    • Hi Maria, Our team at the time also had quite a bit of difficulty coming to the best solution for this. We settled with using the Adobe “make offline” functionality but the other options we heavily considered were doing screen recording of the playback using MS Expressions or Camtasia etc.

  2. Hi,

    How do you play back the recording once it is downloaded?

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