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Download Recordings from Adobe Connect Pro

Thanks goes to Guillaume Privat on Adobe Learning Center (see references below for links):

(And a shout out to Matt Chambers for providing the links :D)

1) You need to ensure you are an account administrator of have full right on the recording.

2) Find the URL of the recording you want to extract.

3) Add /output/ at the end of the recording URL.

4) Save the zip file on your desktop

Example download link:

Open the zip, and verify contents. It should contain .flv and xml files. mainstream.flv is to playback all and the actual audio/video content is denoted by filenames with underscores.

The alternative is offline recording, which results in a couple flat .flv’s, but in this format, once downloaded… the fun begins.

Both richflv and Moyea seem to have trouble with the Sorenson Sparks / On2 VP6 / Nellymoser / Speex codec mishmash Adobe mashed up with their flv “pods” and XML.. “keyframes” (cue points) spot the video in random intervals, and cause issues with edited output playback and seek/fast forward/rewind.

Good luck. 😉

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