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Grant production tax credits to advanced biofuels such as algae fuel and their research as an alternative to crude.

Signing the petition only takes a second, White House makes it very fast and easy. Once you sign my petition there are many of other petitions out there you might find interesting, such as petitioning for Texas to separate etc.

Hopefully these types of social media projects may eventually garner some real attention.


Stem Cell Research Nobel Prize in Medicine to John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka

This is a pretty revolutionary breakthrough in the medical field.

Quick summary and background:

– A stem cell is a the first type of cell in your body.

– Before your cell is a skin cell or heart cell or muscle cell, it is a stem cell.

– These are only present in embryos still in the womb etc.

– A stem cell can be used to replace infected and diseased cells. This offers cures for virtually any illness. Possibly even aging..

– Since an embryo is required to harvest a stem cell, this is what always made stem cells controversial.

– These docs have found a way to reverse a cell in your body back to its’ original stem cell. No embryo needed.