TPL Task Parrallel Library .net 4.0 parallel programming multi thread threading task queue user work item

//simple parallel function call
Parallel.Invoke(() => somefunc1(), () => somefunc2());

//parallel foreach with two lists
new List<List> tasks = new List<List>()
  new List() { new DataSource1ProcessorA() },
  new List() { new DataSource2ProcessorA(), new DataSource2ProcessorB() }

Parallel.ForEach(tasks, (items) =>
    foreach (var item in items)

//new task static factory method approach
Task.Factory.StartNew(() => { data.GetData(); data.Process(); })
.ContinueWith(t => Logger.Error("An exception occurred while processing. Check the inner exception for details", t.Exception),

//explicit object oriented
   // Create a task and supply a user delegate by using a lambda expression. 
        Task taskA = new Task( () => Console.WriteLine("Hello from taskA."));
        // Start the task.
        // Output a message from the calling thread.
        Console.WriteLine("Hello from thread '{0}'.", 

//using task run
  Thread.CurrentThread.Name = "Main";
      // Define and run the task.
      Task taskA = Task.Run( () => Console.WriteLine("Hello from taskA."));
      // Output a message from the calling thread.
      Console.WriteLine("Hello from thread '{0}'.", 


(added 20121023 good comprehensive resource with illustrative examples)

Optimize Managed Code For Multi-Core Machines

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threadpool class

task class

task parrallelism

How to: Use Parallel.Invoke to Execute Parallel Operations


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