Classic ASP VB Filter File Name Extensions From String EndsWith

Came across a classic ASP VB site recently in my adventures. There was a feature request to filter out some file extensions from existing code logic, and I discovered quickly most of my .Net methods were unavailable, so I came up with this little snippet and had a great blast from the past. đŸ™‚

   function FilterExtensions(fn)
   a_ext = Array(".db",".db") 'place additional extensions here 
   for each ext in a_ext
      i = InStrRev(fn,ext)
   if i>0 then
   end if
   end function

If FilterExtensions returns true then there were no matches (extension of filename successfully passed all filters).

About Ronnie Diaz

Ronnie Diaz is an enterprise software engineer responsible for front-end and back-end development for companies in many industries. Heavily involved in cloud development, online retail, e-commerce and electronic ordering, fulfillment and customer relational systems.

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