C++ rand generates the same number with srand time

Random number generation in C++ in the standard libraries is generally done using “ctime” (time.h) and “cstdlib” (stdlib.h). If you are experiencing an issue where calling rand() keeps generating the same number due to similar seeds, simply call it multiple times. (See below).

int main() {

//repeat as many times as you like to prove randomness
cout << GetRandomNumber(10) << "\n\r";
cout << GetRandomNumber(10) << "\n\r";
cout << GetRandomNumber(10) << "\n\r";
cout << GetRandomNumber(10) << "\n\r";
cout << GetRandomNumber(10) << "\n\r";

int pause;
cin >> pause;
return 0;

int GetRandomNumber(int upperlimit) {
    srand(time(NULL)); //use time which is accurate within seconds to generate random seed

rand();rand();rand(); //call rand multiple times to create more variance since subsequent calls within a short time frame will have a similar result

return rand() % upperlimit; //passing in 10 will generate from 0-10, 100 generates 0-100 etc.


Stackoverflow (blog), http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3032726/rand-generating-the-same-number-even-with-srandtimenull-in-my-main
LearnCPP, http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/clibrary/cstdlib/rand/

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