Calendar Extender Highlight Current Day in C# .Net

Thanks goes to Karan from blogs.

 <asp:CalendarExtender ID="CalendarExtender1" runat="server" TargetControlID="tbTarget1"
                                PopupButtonID="btnCalendar" CssClass="calendarposition" OnClientShowing="currentdateactive">
    function currentdateactive(e) {
        if (!e.get_selectedDate() || !e.get_element().value)
            e._selectedDate = (new Date()).getDateOnly();
.ajax__calendar_active{background-color:#820024;color:#ffffff;border:1px solid #D4D0C8;}

/*use your own class to control positioning. careful of nested relative/absolute divs*/
.calendarposition{position:absolute;margin-top:250px;margin-left:250px;background-color:#fff;border:1px solid silver;}

/*prepend css class with div to override ms ajax web.resx autogenerated css*/

ASP.Net (blogs),

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Ronnie Diaz is an enterprise software engineer responsible for front-end and back-end development for companies in many industries. Heavily involved in cloud development, online retail, e-commerce and electronic ordering, fulfillment and customer relational systems.

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