JQuery and Frames

Although there is definitely some room for debate in the web development and design community on where the usage of frames is necessary, there are some situations where they cannot be avoided.

Manipulation of data within these frames can be confusing, and dumping frames to page content using ajax or server side code is not always possible. This is especially true if these pages contain their own sub-site navigation.

In these scenarios, JQuery helps us simplify content management within frames using a combination of the “.contents()” method and “find” functionality to locate and update elements.

If “videoframe” is the id of the iframe, the example below changes the background color of a body inside the frame to a specific color.

JS (JQuery):

$('#videoframe').contents().find("body").css("background-color", "#FFFFFF");

JQuery API, http://api.jquery.com/contents

About Ronnie Diaz

Ronnie Diaz is an enterprise software engineer responsible for front-end and back-end development for companies in many industries. Heavily involved in cloud development, online retail, e-commerce and electronic ordering, fulfillment and customer relational systems.

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