The “Iron man interface”

While researching some technical and design patents, I stumbled across a very cool/interesting little patent reminiscent of something you might see in one of the recent “Iron Man” movies.

intelligent work surfaces

intelligent work surfaces

Although “Tony Stark”, especially in his latest installment, is working with digital projections  which is a little further off from touch-sensitive surfaces, it is interesting to see the progressive acceptance and belief in these types of technologies by the media and our population.

iron man interface

iron man interface

These are not the first examples of these kinds of technologies, from the 1995 movie Hackers to the more recent movie Minority Report (2002), the idea of has been around for quite some time. Some of the earliest examples date back to the widely popular television series (and movies) Star Trek (1966). Even this particular patent itself dates to 1993.

hackers movie keyboard

hackers movie keyboard

minority report gestural ui

minority report gestural ui

stark trek interface

stark trek interface

These movies, and the technologies which they have portrayed at their time – were widely received as science fiction. However, as we progress forward, it seems they are becoming closer to reality.


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Synthesize US – Nokia LCARS_PAD.” target=”_blank”>”>

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