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Evolution of Communication and Human Language

The content of this post is not yet enough to match the daunting title at this time, however, I wanted to express some thoughts I’ve had over the last few months regarding language.

I am of the opinion that human language, which has evolved and changed over time, is of course still changing, into a more strictly defined language almost in the fashion of a computer protocol.

The advent and increasing frequency of short message communications such as cellular or internet text messages, instant messaging applications and/or chatrooms, etc, has brought along shortened versions of words which we have now become very familiar with, such as “IMO”, “LOL”, “BRB”, etc. This in and of itself suggests a trend of evolving language. While this “Internet Slang” is far from proper English, I think this over time will open the door towards establishing standard words and phrases of communication, whether indirectly or directly, that will become known and used worldwide.

From an outside perspective in our current point in time, this may have the appearance of a “computer like” language, being spoken between one another. Ergo, Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition technology will meet in the middle with evolving human language.

I watched a film awhile back called Cosmopolis, an adaption of the novel, and while many viewers I spoke with found the use of language to be erring, I think the direction of the film and the novel emphasize that in a world of data, commonalities and natural grouping are inevitable and will affect our spoken language in ways that we may now have difficulty grasping.