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How To Create Mac Icons using Pic2Icon and IconComposer

Using these steps any image you have can converted to an icon to use on Mac.

This following article is a condensed version of one found on MacInstruct. (see references below)

1) Download and Launch Pic2Icon.
2) Drag and drop image you want to create an icon of to the little window. Once it finishes processing, you should have a tiff file.
3) Download and Launch Icon Composer. It is part of the Apple Developer Tools.
4) Drag the tiff file to the bottom left 128×128 window in Icon Composer. Make sure you select “use scaled version” and “extract mask” until all windows are filled up.
5) Save with .icns extension and that’s it!

Apple Developer Tools (Icon Composer),


Mac OS X Quick Reference

After writing multiple articles on a single subject, I decided to consolidate the links into a single point of reference. All links below are internal to my site and do not redirect outside of my blog.

(Tested on 10.6 Leopard.)

enable root user, or mac sudo password and settings,

install macports and/or issues with install and configuring,

converting iso images with bchunk, (discussed in my article on creating hybrid discs with toast),

open textedit from command line,

vi keyboard shortcuts Quick Reference,