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Keep Batch File Open to enter more commands

Typically the solution you will see to this question upon googling is to add “pause” to the end of your batch file.

This will keep the batch open, but it will not allow you to enter additional commands and after hitting a key will close the window immediately.

Alternatively, if you would like to keep the window open, such as creating a shortcut to a command line app, you can use cmd.exe /K.

MyApp.exe /?
cmd.exe /K cmd.exe

Place the above code snippet into batch file of your choosing, such as start menu folder, and upon launch it will not change into the directory and path where your command line app is located, execute it displaying it’s parameters (/? is app specific) and then run cmd.exe with \K option which allows the window to stay open per MSDN (see reference below).




Reset Password from Command Prompt in Server 2008

For a developer or IT admin working in Windows Server 2008 environment, you may have noticed ctrl+alt+del does not work over remote connection and you can no longer change your password from control panel.

The best solution to this in my opinion, that will likely work far into the future, is the command line.

Also keep in mind you are a server admin and disable much functionality for your remote users, sometimes these permissions don’t always apply to command line variants and the latter can be used for privilege escalation in the event of a workstation or user profile compromise.

net user user_name * /domain

net user user_name  new_password

net user Bob 12bdir5$

Microsoft Support, “How to Change User Password at Command Prompt”,