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For over 6 years, the title of this site was – “Fraction of the Blogosphere”. It was fitting when I first created it and for years that followed..

One thought I had is to transform this site to accommodate my latest hobby – a sci-fi novel. This is kind of a distraction though and less than an hour per week.. So we’ll see..

If I do make any changes, I will keep all of the old posts, purely for nostalgia at this point and attempt to maintain the existing embedded word press deep links so as not to offend my fellow wordpress neighbors. I might use a revamp as an opportunity to practice ReactJS and some rapid prototyping techniques.

When I first started this site, it was a great way for me to document different coding “gotchas!”, and for awhile it felt like my own little personal “stackoverflow”. I simply stopped investing time in publishing these snippets because the code I worked on became too proprietary, and “stackoverflow” and “leetcode” type of sites outpaced what I could generically write. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Every now and then, If I want I could still go on a tangent and decide to learn something new and write about it, but I have chosen to invest a different way..

If you are a new visitor to this site, or an old subscriber getting this ping after a long silence, this post is not necessarily a final close, but an acknowledgement of an extended absence..

During the time when I contributed most of my articles, peaking in 2013, my unique visitor count was over 10k and climbing. Money was never the goal, so Ads are always minimal. I simply found time to write when I could, and subscribers climbed. Fast forward to 2019 and I definitely will not be investing the same time as I once did. It is now time to focus, and since this site is so strongly linked to my email address, it is only fitting if the latest contributions to the site at least reflect more of who I am now.

My old tagline under the previous title was – “World full of automation demands a new breed of worker”. Now I see things a bit differently. The world is always on a trend of automation since the first civilizations and newly skilled labor usually follows suit. It is a recurring cycle and the new generation “worker” in this context is simply the latest specializations in the workforce.

Whether it’s writing a blog, social media, etc or anything else that may be taking your time, sometimes we simply have to realize that some habits are either no longer necessary, or simply not generally reciprocating in a truly beneficial way.

So what next? It’s time to set some new goals and achieve them.